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Coming together is a beginning, staying together is progress, and working together is success.

– Henry Ford –

Co-/ Background-CxO

As a Co- or Background-CxO, we support entrepreneurs and C-level executives in managing classic leadership tasks and take on the management of measures and projects in the client’s company.

Co- or Background-CxO’s temporarily relieve the management in certain growth, transformation or bridging phases and provide additional know-how and real available capacity with their relevant and long-standing expertise.

It is ensured that individual life phases in the company are successfully managed even if the workload is too great for the full-time CxO or certain experience and skills are not (yet) sufficiently available.

Ensuring that an additional experienced resource supports the management in strategic or tactical decisions and measures and that important development steps are defined and successfully implemented.

In many companies, situations arise in which vacancies at C-level are to be implemented for the first time or positions are unoccupied or job holders reach their limits in terms of workload and/or skills, either temporarily or in terms of content. In the case of young companies, there is often a need for support for founders in the initial phase. In all cases, the use of an in-house expert as a co- or background-CxO is a good idea. The type and scope of such assignments depends strongly on the respective constellation.

A Co- or Background-CxO takes over parts of the C-level management and/or the training and active support of the company management in the successful management of certain development phases.

Core task of the role is to provide relevant and long-standing expertise to bridge and build up missing know-how. It is also to ensure C-level capacity and performance.

The requirements for a Co- or Background-CxO are high. Suitable candidates must have demonstrable professional and practical experience as a C-level manager. They should have experienced and actively shaped various development phases in the life cycle of a company. In addition, you should have strong social skills and rhetorical confidence as well as moderation skills. Conceptual and analytical skills as well as business expertise are just as necessary as an awareness of human behaviour patterns and how to deal with them.

We currently offer the following co-/background roles: CEO, COO, CHRO and CFO.



The perfect manager is a person who knows exactly what he cannot do, and is looking for this necessary people.

– Philip Rosenthal –



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