Change Office (CMO)

What is Done - Action

Internal communication management

Planning preparations & draft resolutions

Visualisation & Documentation

What the Client Receives - Benefit

Know-how & temporary additional resources

Support organisational development

Anchoring development measures in the company

Success Factors - Added Value

Capacity assurance for the implementation plan

Early detection and handling of needed corrections

Higher acceptance & applicability within the organisation

Change Office in Enterneering®

Complex change projects require certain staffing resources for the ongoing organisation and monitoring of the project. The CMO has oversight for these resources.

The CMO position can be staffed internally or externally. What is essential is to ensure that the staffing resources provided are also truly available for the duration of the project. In the event of internal bottlenecks, we can provide someone to take over the CMO tasks at the client’s site.

Our Services:
• On-site operation of the Change Office
• Support for internal set-up, incl. Recruiting & Training


Change has no fans. People are stuck with the status quo. You have to be prepared for massive resistance.

– Jack Welch –



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