Business Sparring

What is Done - Action

Simulation of concrete business situations

Taking on dedicated tasks with clients

C-level growth/change management

What the Client Receives - Benefit

Training experiences, feedback, ideas

Filling of valuable roles by experts

Know-how & temporary additional resource

Success Factors - Added Value

Increase maturity of essential projects

Optimised development & implementation timeframes

Reduction of risks & correction or error costs

Sparring with the Enterneer®

As in sports, sparring partners simulate a real-life situation. Challenges are reflected on together. Different options for action are developed and tested. Feedback is provided by a person with many years of relevant entrepreneurial experience. Clients have the opportunity to try out a variety of approaches with their sparring partner, confident that any mistakes they make will not have real-life consequences for their business – there won’t be any expensive ‘learning curve costs’! The focus of this training is entrepreneurship, we mean working “on” the company.

We know the principles of the individual development phases of a company. We have dealt intensively with the typical pitfalls and regularities and experienced their cause-and-effect principles ourselves as entrepreneurs or CxOs. Because of we outside of the company, we are not blind to the business and can objectively point out blind spots, unfavourable constellations, strengths, or weaknesses to entrepreneurs. We can help shape and accompany the growth of business organisations.

The most intensive form of sparring by us is the assignment as in-house resource in the client’s company. More about In-house Services


Success is not something that just happens. Success is learned, success is trained.

– George Halas –

In-house Enterneer®

In addition to business sparring activities at C-level, we also take on dedicated in-house roles with our clients or we support the definition and implementation as well as the filling of these positions with the clients. In doing so, we always stay within our Enterneering® focus of working “on” the company.

We offer the following roles:
In-house Growth Coach
In-house Co-/ Background-CxO (CEO, COO, CHRO, CFO)
In-house Change Master
In-house HR & Organisation Transformer

The assignment as an in-house resource with our clients is usually done with an agreed basic or minimum contingent and a provision for additional or peak contingents. This provides clients with a minimum capacity that can be planned and an additional capacity that can be called upon when needed. Our business approach is not geared towards as many projects or clients as possible, but towards the most concentrated and focused project work possible for a smaller, but more targeted selection of projects.

Use our know-how and our capacities for your company’s success. If you would like to implement one of the in-house roles described here in your company, we will support you in defining and filling the position as well as in a guided induction phase.



Elevate true productivity over the appearance of hard work.

– Scott Belsky –



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