Then as now: Success factors in growth. 50th Anniversary Growth Model


1972 - 2022: Evolution and Revolution as Organizations Grow
by Larry E. Greiner, Harvard Business Review 7/8 1972

It’s fantastic that some principles are so constant. This enables us to better understand, comprehend and consciously adjust to them. You should definitely do the same.

According to the Growth Model of the renowned business professor Larry E. Greiner [1972], growing organisations go through certain development phases, all of which end in a leadership crisis.

Successful companies manage to influence the different phases in such a way that serious crises can be avoided. From my own experience I know both the successful and the other cases. Of course, in my 20 years as a manager I have gone through my own learning curve, made mistakes and experienced cause-and-effect principles in practice. I am firmly convinced that this essential component of entrepreneurship can combine motivation, fun and success if you engage in it early and consciously.

Our offer for the 50th to all companies younger than 5 years: 2 hours of free and informal chat between the executive management and me to reflect on the situation and for valuable suggestions.



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