Current Challenges: Personal Succession


Small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) make up the majority in Germany’s overall business landscape. It is widely known that for SMEs in Germany, staff succession is currently one of the greatest challenges. Demographic changes have led to a situation in which a high and still growing number of companies in search of successors are confronted with a smaller and decreasing number of suitable candidates. This is affecting not only entrepreneurial succession but also C-level management.

One resultant challenge is that an increasing number of new successors are young or have a lack of relevant experience. Experienced entrepreneurs are all well aware of the expense and costs associated with the training and work that go into gaining professional experience. Seasoned managers have usually followed a career path in which they worked in several different positions with varying levels of responsibility over longer periods of time. If it becomes necessary or desirable to ‘artificially’ shorten this period, appropriate measures must also be taken to ensure that any resulting costs or even possible damage within or to the company or the persons involved can be kept to a minimum.

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