The Enterneer® as Interim Co-Pilot


A management or succession position has opened up and there is no suitable candidate in sight. Sound familiar?

Time and time again, you find someone who may be professionally well-suited and highly committed, but who does not yet bring much to the table in terms of leadership experience and social competency. In cases like this, the options are usually obvious: either continue to look for suitably qualified and motivated people, bridging the gap with interim solutions or give the person who is next in line or a lateral entrant a chance. The second option usually calls into question whether and how possible consequences, such as potential ‘learning curve costs’ or teething problems can be cushioned. This is important not only for the success of the company and its management but also for the individual in question and his or her future performance and reputation.

In providing our specific services, we like to concentrate on those client projects where our expertise can add the most value:

  • Content focus on the individual client’s upcoming change measures
  • Content focus of the client project is in the areas of organisation/staffing/culture
  • Agreement on guidelines for on-site presence and chat times
  • Real in-house support for longer periods of time
  • Agreed and secured capacities during the project duration

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