Does the world still need a consultant like Enterneer®?


Industry insiders agree: despite the pandemic, the demand for consultancy remains high. Individualised enterprise engineering services are in demand.

According to relevant studies and reports, such as those by expertpowerhouse, IBISWorld or Lünendonk, companies are desperately looking for consultants. We believe the demand for consulting services will remain at a high level. In addition, there is an increasing need for temporary expertise or support in the form of freelancers embedded in the organisation. At the moment, digitalisation, climate change and demographic developments are particular drivers for the introduction of new business strategies and forms of work. In addition, we believe that the need for restructuring will increase. The effects of the global pandemic and a radically changing situation in portions of the labour market play a special or additional role here. In addition to all of these aspects, the need for support in coping with traditional evolutionary and transformational development processes remains unchanged.

The consulting and management services provided by Enterneers® (Enterprise Engineers) are specifically targeted to those areas in an individual company that are key to further development or changes . This includes the company’s organisational architecture as well as the people who work there. Enterneering® works directly with corporate structures and organisational models and thus inevitably with management methods and corporate culture. Since the Enterneers® themselves have many years of relevant professional and management experience, their services are aimed at supporting the company management. In doing so, they consciously interact at peer level and emphasise the work ‘on’ the company rather than the work ‘in’ the company. Their primary aim is to motivate and support entrepreneurs, managing directors and board members (C-level) and help them engage in a targeted and consistent manner with activities that cannot be effectively  delegated but for which, in their role and function, they are responsible.

Our answer to the initial question of whether the world still needs a consultant like Enterneer® is, as is so often the case: it depends… Do you or your company find yourself in the situation described in this article? Without external support or additional resources, are you or your company able to achieve only limited positive results when it comes to introducing necessary development measures ‘on’ the company? Are resource, time and/or expertise shortages preventing the identification and definition of required measures? If so, please don’t hesitate to contact us. Together, we can determine whether you or your company (still) needs a consultant like Enterneer®. We always look forward to taking on exciting new projects!



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