We are future thinkers for entrepreneurs.
Our passion is to work more 'on' the business than 'in' it.

Our Drive

Who actually runs your business while you do the work of others?

Do you still spend a lot of time working on concrete tasks, projects, customers, or contracts, we mean working ‘in’ the business? Or is your work predominantly ‘on’ the business, like on strategic partnerships, more complex structures, future corporate organisation and above all on the soft elements of people and culture?

Do you want your business to grow significantly or even scale? Then, at the latest, working on the company is your main task! Naturally, there is competition between the work ‘on’ and ‘in’ the business when it comes to prioritisation.

We support entrepreneurs and intrapreneurs in building and expanding their companies, i.e. in Enterprise Engineering.

We help the company’s leadership to dedicate themselves to work “on” their company in a conscious and planned manner.

We provide our many years of professional and leadership expertise in the areas of corporate and organizational development, culture & people as well as leadership and human resources.


Our Services


Business Sparring

Practical training in entrepreneurship
Co-/ Background CxO
In-house Growth Coach


Change Management

Implementation Change Program
In-house Change Master
In-house HR & Organisation Transformer


Change Office (CMO)

Internal communication management
Planning preparations & draft resolutions
Visualisation & Documentation

No Off-the-Rack Solutions

Each of our client companies has its own distinct constellation – no two are alike. This is why we take an individualised approach to our assignments and develop custom solutions for each client’s specific needs.

We don’t sell pre-designed tools or systems. In our work, we frequently encounter similar requirements and circumstances, however, and this allows us to constantly expand and sharpen our expertise. You, too, can benefit from this expertise by putting our services to work to ensure the success of your project.

‘If you’re passionate about exclusive tailor-made clothing, you shop at a boutique. This is how we see ourselves – as a boutique for Enterneering®’.


With us, everything is centered around the evolution and transformation of the organisation, structure and culture in companies with 50 to 500 employees and a technology- or infrastructure-driven business model.

Sandy Pfund

  • Senior Partner and Company Owner
  • Graduate Industrial Engineer
  • > 20 years of professional experience
  • > 12 years as managing director
  • Infrastructure, Energy, Industrial Manufacturing, Engineering

Susaņ Mertteņ

  • Senior Partner
  • Assistant Tax Consultant & HR Manager
  • Postgraduate Studies Finance, Management, HR
  • > 20 years of professional experience in HR
  • Industry, Energy, Tax & Business Consulting

Our Experience


From Start-Up Manufacturer to Scalable Market Player

Development and implementation of central organisational units’ quality, security, risk, project and process management as core elements of an Integrated Management System (IMS). Successful ISO 9001 and ISO 27001 combined certification, including testing and verification by the German Federal Office for Information Security for providers of Critical Infrastructure.

Transformation Through Expansion of Outdated Operational Structures

Definition and restructuring of an integrated corporate organisation for operational management, including multi-level commercial and technical functions. Definition and implementation of a new C-level management role (COO).

An Evolutionary Step in Human Resources Management – ‘Administration & People Management’

Establishment and expansion of an integrated human resources management system following a successful start-up phase in an SME with approx. 120 employees. Bridging of the gap between basic administrative requirements and increased individual requirements in interdisciplinary teams with highly specific product-related and technological backgrounds.


Unbundling of Existing Company Structures – Synergetic Modernisation

Restructuring of a medium-sized company group, including the merging of previous individual shareholders as partners in a central holding company. Definition and utilisation of central functions, including creation of a uniform corporate design and holistic market approach.

Integration of Smaller Organisational Units into the Overall Corporate Group

Merger of previously separately managed subsidiaries into the parent company, including complete integration of the business area. Merging of branches to form a more powerful business unit.

Commercial and Organisational Merger of Industrial Locations.

Restructuring and consolidation of the administration-related organisational units of two regionally neighbouring plants at one location. Introduction of a uniform ERP and PPS system for the two plants, including harmonisation of business processes and operational organisation.

Corporate Management

Development of an Agile Organisation with a Wide Variety of Roles, Functions and People.

Definition and implementation of core standards throughout the organisation. Harmonisation of management methods and communication channels. Introduction of new collaboration techniques, roles and tools. Management of a transformation team for Human Resources and Organisational Development.

Definition and Implementation of a Cyclical Strategy and Planning Process

Definition and implementation of a holistic strategic planning and management process in a corporate group with several thousand employees. Integration of international participation, including planning and implementation of management workshops.

Development and Implementation of a Management System for Controlling Complex Portfolios

Conception, development, introduction and application of a portfolio management system for worldwide intra-group real estate management. Implementation of the portfolio management system in selected European pilot regions.


In-House Transaction Preparations for a Municipal Enterprise

Within the context of an intended partial privatisation, preparation of comprehensive investor profiles, planning and implementation of management workshops, business planning-related quality management, due diligence, etc.

Corporate Transaction from Investor Approach to Handover of the Keys

Comprehensive transaction management at C-level for the complete sale of the company to new international investors with significant enterprise value. Expert support in the areas of business planning, data room, due diligence, management presentation, deep dive sessions, etc.

Post-Integration: Integration of a Formerly Owner-Managed Medium-Sized Company into a Global Corporation

Definition and implementation of appropriate integration and management measures following successful transaction. Facilitating the integration of pre-existing corporate structures in the acquired company into the new group/shareholder. Harmonisation and further development of the organisation to align intercultural and structural differences.


Four capacities for one big topic 4for1

We offer four profiles for one significant topic: 4 for Enterprise Engineering. Benefit from our in-house capacities as Interim/Co/Background CxO, Growth Coach, Change Master or HR & Organisation Transformer.

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50th Anniversary: Evolution and Revolution

Then as now: Success factors in growth. It's fantastic that some principles are so constant. This enables us to better understand, comprehend and consciously adjust to them. You should definitely do the same.

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STUPS eco: Sparring for StartUPs + young entrepreneurs

Our smart and cost-effective feature for StartUPs and young entrepreneurs. STUPS eco is a fixed format for sparring chats around the topic of Enterneering® at the client's premises.

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Current challenges: Personal succession

Successful company succession is increasingly becoming a challenge. In many cases, succession is difficult. This also applies to C-level management. Sparring can offer valuable support here.

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The Enterneer® as Interim Co-Pilot

Do you know the situation: there is an open management position or succession that is to be filled by candidates who are not yet sufficiently experienced?

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Does the world still need a consultant like Enterneer®?

Industry insiders agree: the demand for consultancy remains high despite the pandemic. Services for individual enterprise engineering are in demand.

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Happy New Year 2022!

We hope that despite the external circumstances, 2022 has gotten off to a good start for our partners and friends.

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Hello! Welcome to our new company: The German Enterneers®

After more than 20 years of professional life in various employment positions, we at Enterneers® have decided to become self-employed.

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